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900 Giovani

900 Giovani - Polo

Who are we?

900 Giovani

A group of thirty guys that complements the Foundation Polo del ‘900 in its activities: a little “critical friends”, a bit co-designer, a bit ambassadors, but mostly active participants and real protagonists of the 900 G-Days’ Festival, entirely designed and managed autonomously.

The 900 Giovani was born as a project of audience engagement and audience development in 2017, from an idea of the Piero Gobetti’s Studies Centre. If the first edition had as a focus the creation of a group of participants and the drafting of a Manifesto for the culture from the young people’s point of view, the second one, at times, looked at us as an active part of the Polo del ‘900 (Salone del Libro, Bienniale Democrazia, Archivissima).


  • Promote juvenile protagonism.
  • Bring the new generations closer to the cultural life of the Polo del ‘900.
  • Promote and raise awareness among young people about the themes of democracy, dialogue, of critical spirit and inclusion.
  • Reach the highest level of the participation’s scale: “when the recipients of the projects (the young people) initially define the goals and then the operational decisions are made and implemented with adults…”.
  • Develop new audiences and involve new generations in an a view of audience development and audience engagement.

Key words

Culture, art, current events, inclusive and active participation, future, sub-culture /counterculture, new generation, rights, Turin, taboos.




How we speak

900 Giovani organises innovative activities, non-formal education, events, cultural aperitif, social media,confrontation, plays.